Current Projects:

Landmark is currently involved in a $400,000+ regional study for the Indiana Department of Transportation of the potential for intact prehistoric cultural resources in eroded and plowed-through upland, bottomland edge, and bottomland settings. Phase II archaeological testing of Sites 12-Du-120, 12-Du-792, 12-Du-800, 12-Du-814,
12-Du-832 and 12Du-838 are underway within the proposed right-of-way of the US 231 Jasper-Huntingburg Bypass in Dubois County, Indiana. Geophysical technologies including Electromagnetic Conductivity (EMC) and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) are being utilized as potential enhancements to hand and machine excavations. Phase Ic studies of six bottomland areas of Stendal and Steff silt loam are being conducted to determine if the potential exists for intact cultural resources within plowed riverine and lacustrine bottomland settings.

Landmark recently completed a significant Phase Ic study within the floodplain of the Ohio River near Crib Mound (12-Sp-1, 2) in Spencer County. The 2.2 mile waterline study for the Indiana Region 15 Planning Commission representing the Town of Santa Claus investigated a narrow linear corridor of known and newly discovered Sites 12-Sp-18, 12-Sp-19, 12-Sp-334, 12-Sp-1087, 12-Sp-1095, and 12-Sp-1099. The study resulted in the recommendation for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places the “Corn Island Prehistoric Archaeological District” due to the unique preservation of intact cultural resources found beneath a mantle of more recent alluvium along the Ohio River.



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